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Esthetic Dermatology

Skin and Venerologic diseases

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  • Dermatological surgery

    Dermatological surgery is used to surgically remove moles, electrocoagulation of benign skin growths, performing skin biopsies, others
  • Therapy with Botulinum toxin

    The Botulinum toxin is most effective in the case of dynamic wrinkles, which appear on the upper half of the face: the forehead, between the eyebrows and the little wrinkles around the eye contours – crow’s feet
  • Rejuvenation therapy with natural collagen

    The natural collagen therapy is a new step forward in esthetic Dermatology that supports and restores collagen fibers, which give contours, firmness and tone to the skin; decreases the formation of wrinkles by fighting against free radicals and supports the balanced hydration of mature skin
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Wrinkle correction

Botox therapy has been established as one of the most successful non-surgical methods for treating mimic wrinkles. They are dynamic wrinkles, which appear as a result of the continual activity of the face muscles when expressing emotions – joy, anger, wonder. The first mimic wrinkles appear around 25 years of age:

In the area of the forehead (expressing surprise); Between the eyebrows, so-called lion’s wrinkles (when upset); Around the eyes, so-called crow’s feet (when smiling widely);

The application of Botox makes the shortening of the face muscles impossible for a certain period of time. In this way the wrinkles are smoothed out; the formation of new ones and the deepening of old ones is hindered.
The first changes become visible after 72 hours. The maximum effect is seen after 14 days and lasts from 4 to 6 months. Corrections may be made during the first 14 days if necessary. The next Botox application can be performed after the 4-6 month period and the endurance of the effect will be lengthened.

Botox therapy does not require any special preparation. It is a fast, painless and bloodless procedure. It contributes to a more youthful appearance of one’s face and a fresher radiance. One’s look becomes open and calm without a trace of pressure.
Botox therapy is constantly gaining greater popularity on a worldwide scale. It is as appropriate and effective for men as it is for women.

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Лек, топящ се противостареещ гел-крем с дълготраен матиращ ефект, специално формулиран за нормална и комбинирана кожа, който незабавно изглажда и възстановява кожната текстура. С висока концентрация на D-Glyox(регистриран патент)и обогатен с матираща оризова пудра и хидратиращи агенти, той реактивира младостта на кожата и незабавно разкрива блясъка, осигурявайки красив матиращ ефект. Съдържа хиалуронова киселина и витамини С и Е.


Богат кадифен противостареещ крем, специално формулиран за суха кожа, който незабавно изглажда и възстановява кожната текстура. С висока концентрация на D-Glyox(регистриран патент)и обогатен с подхранващи растителни масла от арган и шеа, той реактивира младостта на кожата, незабавно разкрива блясъка и подхранва в дълбочина. Съдържа хиалуронова киселина и витамини С и Е.

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